Collaboration and Representation in Sri Lankan Maritime and Investment Activities;

The opportunities for growth and business development in post-war Sri Lanka is tremendous. With its strategic location as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, the services that can be provided to the vessels that pass this island country exceed 90,000 per annum. Along with its collaborative partners, SCMPLUS offers the following services to Ship Owners, Managers, Global Agents and other service providers;



SCMPLUS Platform 

Professionals in the shipping industry would agree that in this highly competitive and fluid global environment all stakeholders in the industry need to be a step ahead to meet the challenging demands of customer expectations. In order to achieve this, it is paramount that business strategies and processes be re-invented creating the appropriate infrastructure which enables us to compete globally whilst maintaining high standards of quality whilst remaining cost competitive.    
With this is mind, SCMPLUS’ vision is to create an ideal and efficient platform that evolve and elevate players from a buyer-seller relationship, to that of a mutually beneficial partnership, where "peace of mind" and "cost efficiency" for all stakeholders would be the underlying objective. In order to achieve such an endeavor SCMPLUS has been carefully strategized together with Industry Experts to bring together like-minded owners and managers who focus on the highest social and corporate ethical standards, seafarer safety and asset preservation; with Suppliers having similar value propositions.  

SCMPLUS offers:

Global Supplier contracts:

In order to fulfill local needs where all participants would benefit from well negotiated prices and quality deliverables, for all key product and service categories such as Lube Oils, Marine Paints, Chemicals, Gasses, Stores, Provisions, Spares, Repairs and Maintenance, Anti-Piracy Related Contract Negotiations, Sludge Disposal, Towage, Crew and Corporate Hotel Cost management, etc.

it services

In delivering the value propositions of the SCMPLUS Platform to our partners in the shipping industry and beyond; we bringing forward in-depth technical and business knowledge from the IT industry. As such, SCMPLUS is poised to provide value added services in all stages of systems development and integration that are focused on ensuring constant and optimal value delivery of an organization’s IS/IT resources.


procurement consulting

Procurement Consulting, to support procurement planning and ensure highest of ethical standards for internal control and governance. SCMPLUS provides a full spectrum of consultancy from Business Process Re-engineering, Training and Coaching, selection of technological tools and defining of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Supply of sri lankan crew

SCMPLUS with its exclusive crewing partner specializes in providing experienced and qualified Officers and Crew to all categories of vessels owned and or operated by Clients. Our policy is to develop and maintain individual quality crew pools for our Clients and act as an extended office for each Principal thereby providing a professional and personalized crewing service.

SCMPLUSwould be delighted to have an in-depth discussion to understand your needs further.

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